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about katherine

Originally from Los Angeles, Katherine has been a resident of the Rogue Valley since the early 70's. After finishing an art degree in the late 80's, she expanded her use of varied artistic forms.

She has worked with sumi-e, japanese woodblock printing, watercolors, oils, pen and pencil, collage and dabbled in sculpture work.


She is a graduate of Rogue Community College with a degree in Art. She has also expanded her creative views via the varied art seminar or workshop over the years in a plethora of art disciplines, yet always finds herself drawn to the wonder of watercolors.                     

Awards & Nominations:

Katherine has received awards/ribbons and also been fortunate enough to curate exhibits as well as judge children's art competitions.

Presently Katherine continues to pull inspiration for her work from her countryside studio, where she resides with her husband, the local squirrels, hummingbirds, deer...

-and of course the neighborhood's 70+ wild turkeys that torment her amazing garden.

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